Trial Testing Service

JiuZhou Yunjian liquid rocket engine test center is a large-scale comprehensive test base integrating the cold and hot test capabilities of complete engine, combustion device, valve, turbopump and other products. The thermal test bench has the supply capacity of liquid oxygen, LNG, kerosene, liquid nitrogen, gas oxygen, gas methane, gas nitrogen, helium and other media, which can meet the ignition test requirements of the whole machine and parts of the LOX / LNG and LOX / kerosene engines below 100 tons. Through the same scale dual station layout, the test bench can meet the high frequency test requirements of multiple engines. In addition to the research and testing of our products, the test center can provide safe, efficient and low-cost cold and hot test services for domestic and foreign customers.

Test and test service

Test service items

Engine firing test
Engine semi-system test
High pressure extrusion test of combustion device
Turbo pump medium test
Valve low temperature test

Component liquid/gas flow test