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Space Technology Co., Ltd.

JiuZhou Yunjian (Beijing) Space Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating design and development, assembly and testing of liquid rocket engine, and whole process service of supporting flight. In the field of liquid rocket engine, the company has an integrated, experienced and creative first-class talent team to provide customers with safe, reliable and low-cost liquid rocket engine, as well as ultra-low temperature and high-pressure pump valve products derived from low-temperature liquid rocket engine technology. Adhering to the spirit of passion, innovation, professionalism and efficiency, Jiuzhou Yunjian is committed to becoming a world-class carrier power service provider.

Jiuzhou Yunjian Anhui

intelligent manufacturing base

JiuZhou Yunjian Anhui intelligent manufacturing base is located in Bengbu City, Anhui Province. The base covers an area of 10000 square meters and has two centers. The general assembly and testing center carries out the standardized assembly and testing of the whole engine and its components. The intelligent manufacturing center meets the implementation of the key processes and processes of the engine and ensures the quality of the engine production. The general assembly and testing center of the intelligent manufacturing can meet the requirements of a hundred people The module works at the same time and realizes remote connection with Beijing R & D center.

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JiuZhou Yunjian liquid rocket engine test center is a large-scale comprehensive test base integrating the cold and hot test capabilities of complete engine, combustion device, valve, turbopump and other products. The thermal test bench has the supply capacity of liquid oxygen, LNG, kerosene, liquid nitrogen, gas oxygen, gas methane, gas nitrogen, helium and other media, which can meet the ignition test requirements of the whole machine and parts of the LOX / LNG and LOX / kerosene engines below 100 tons.